We are pleased to present a new appointment with the cinema world in Berlin: Visionär Film Festival.

Visionär Film Festival offers a selection of new talents from around the world who prove to be daring, original and visionary in their debut to full-length film. Visionär directs its attention to those directors who, by facing the full-length feature format for the first time, are not afraid of breaking the schemes and demonstrate narrative and aesthetic originality. Visionär wants to promote new voices of the cinema and fosters the encounter between new talents and the audience.

The five day festival took place for the fist time on April 27th – May 1st 2017 at the historic Kino BABYLON in the Mitte district of Berlin. The program offered a selection of 9 first or second feature films which have been presented at the most prestigious festivals all around the world and have yet never screened in Berlin. The first edition of Visionär will focus on the following countries: Argentina, Bulgaria, China, Georgia, Iran, Italy, Poland, South Korea, The Netherlands.

Debates and round tables with guest emerging talents provide a deep perspective on their approach to the movie production. Visionär provides an Audience Prize and Jury Prize, consisting of industry professionals.

Given the complexity of film distribution, and its commitment to balance both the economic and the artistic, festivals are an indispensable platform and often the only way to ensure a free space for new voices and experimentations in cinema.

Visionär aims to screen new author films that are unreleased in Germany, even in the art oriented city of Berlin and it will introduce these unreleased debut films to an audience waiting to discover a bold and compelling way to make films.

In this manner we hope to contribute to foster the cinema culture that we perceive as important for individual growth as well as for development of the community.

Visionär wants to be a platform for the new generation of film director, a way to make the new voices of cinema heard – and seen – by a widespread audience.

Visionär Film Festival is conceived and organized by Visionär Kunstklub e.V. with the support of Citizens of Europe e.V. (http://www.citizens-of-europe.eu/). Citizens of Europe is a politically independent, non-governmental and non-profit oriented network of people from diverse backgrounds which is open for everybody perceiving diversity as an opportunity.

Visionär Kunstklub e.V. was founded in Berlin in 2017 by the synergy of professional people working for years in the fields of audiovisual and music production, film critique and cultural management, artistic production, literature and journalism. The purpose of the association is to foster innovative artistic visions in a territory that in the last decades has faced rapid growth and is still constantly evolving.  For the association, films are the ideal way to renew and strengthen dialogue between other cultures, near and far, and with the audience; for this reason the association promotes the new tendencies in the cinema as well as facilitate their diffusion.