Concept, Direction and Programming: Francesca Vantaggiato

Web Development, Festival Coordination, Poster&Brochure, Translations: Chiara D’Alonzo

Production, Web Design, Poster, Social Media, Festival Trailer: Constanza Godoy

Press Office, Sponsoring and German Translations: Lina Krämer

Music and English Translations: Nicholas Tuohey

German Translations: Ulrike Geier
They participated in the first edition of Visionär and we are very thankful for that: Maria Cera (Programming Adviser), Carolina Gomez Perez (Festival Image and Graphic Design), Andrea Sessa (Graphic Adviser and 3D Animation), Benedetta Manieri (Graphic Design), María Muñoz (International Press Office and Social Media), Valentyna Zalevska (Production), Stephan Fleig (German Translations), Andy Wright (English Translations and Support).