Visionär Film Festival – Encounters with new Auteurs

What and Why

Visionär Film Festival – Encounters with new Auteurs defines itself as an interdisciplinary, transnational platform for networking and the exchange of actors in the fields of visual art, film, and music. Its vision is to promote young talents and to contribute to intercultural dialogue by visually presenting different socio-political issues and the different cultures that live in Germany. Through film, we hope to contribute to the sustainable promotion and of different representations of cultures – which we consider essential as part of individual and social development.

For the second time next May, the film festival will be inviting new directors from all over the world to Berlin. Visionär pays close attention to those directors who, for the first time, use the format of the full-length feature film, breaking with familiar patterns to pursue new narrative and aesthetic paths. With the Visionär Film Festival we want to offer to these new voices of cinema a platform to present their films in Berlin and at the same time promote the exchange between audience and directors.

Conceived and developed as a permanent periodic event, Visionär aims to establish itself as a Talent Scout that supports new auteurs and to create a platform that promotes the creativity of the new generation of directors. Given the complexity of film distribution and its commitment to balance both the economic and the artistic, festivals have become indispensable places of networking and exchange. As an open space for new voices, ideas and experiments, they are often the only way to present works that are denied as commercial distribution channels. These difficult circumstances, which particularly affect young directors, led to the idea of the Visionär Film Festival, which has committed itself to the screening of auteur films. We want to bring new cultural aspects to Berlin with the festival. Cinema and the city of Berlin are therefore two essential players in the cultural project that is Visionär Film Festival, a cinematographic and visionary experience in the city of avant-garde and new trends par excellence.

Through its specific, emotionally engaging forms of presentation, the film – like no other medium – is able to promote intercultural dialogues by sensitively addressing cultural differences as well as similarities. We believe that the directors we introduce can open up new perspectives on our current society and thus make a contribution to important social debates. We intend to bring together new directors with moviegoers, not only to discover new films but also to make them confront new topics and new cinematic techniques. Moreover, we encourage a discourse with each other through different cultures and perspectives.


Festival’s sections

. The main and competitive selection of 9 first or second feature films that have attracted attention at prestigious festivals around the world, but have not yet been screened in Berlin.

. Visionär – Kurze Berliner Encounters: we show short films by young Berlin directors. In addition to the Open Call, we are working together with the DFFB, one of the most important film schools in the city, from which we will show a selection of 20 short films in total. We want to strengthen the local scene and also to enforce the vision of Berlin as a vibrant cultural city – in which artists from different disciplines come together.

. Homage: we honour an internationally established director with the screening of his / her debut film: this homage to his / her beginnings should encourage the young filmmakers to trust their talent and to critically oppose the economic constraints of the film industry.

. Kino Sonico Nacht: an experimental silent film evening, a multimedia event dedicated to re-interpret and re-discover silent films from the past century through contemporary experimental music.

Besides the presentation of the films, young directors, professionals, and the audience are invited to participate in panel discussions. Visionär provides an Audience Prize and Jury Prize, consisting of industry professionals.


Visionär Film Festival is mainly curated by Francesca Vantaggiato, film critic and founder of the festival. The first edition of Visionär was organized with the support of Citizens of Europe e.V.. Citizens of Europe is a politically independent, non-governmental and non-profit oriented network of people from diverse backgrounds which is open for everybody perceiving diversity as an opportunity.

When and Where

The six-day festival will be held at various cinemas in Berlin from the 2nd to the 7th of May 2018 in order to carry the messages of the films into culturally diverse districts and to address those local audiences. The Il KinoACUDkino (Mitte) and the City Kino Wedding will host Visionär next year.

First edition of Visionär

The five day festival took place for the first time on April 27th – May 1st, 2017 at the historic Kino BABYLON in the Mitte district of Berlin. The program offered a selection of 9 first or second feature films which have been presented at the most prestigious festivals all around the world and have yet never screened in Berlin. The first edition of Visionär focused on the following countries: Argentina, Bulgaria, China, Georgia, Iran, Italy, Poland, South Korea, The Netherlands.