Communication & Lies / So-tong-gwa Geo-jit-mal

Director: LEE Seung-won

South Korea 2015, 103 min.
Language: Korean with English subtitles

30 April   17:00   Kino 1   –   1 May   22:30   Kino 3

This black and white debut film from Lee Seungwon is a bitter journey into the human behavioural complexity. He tells an uncomfortable story of a man and a woman marked by a profound tragedy. These two damaged souls meet and lie constantly, unable to establish healthy communication. He is unhappy and she displays self-destructive behaviours. When she seeks extreme humiliation he reacts with introversion. The calm, intimate style of directing allows an unexpected empathy with this fragile and unlikable couple, whose impending doom is announced by the gradual revelations of terrible wounds from the past.

Cast: JANG Sun, KIM Kwon-hoo, KIMsun-young   
Producer: KIM Sang-su
Writer: LEE Seung-won
Cinematography: JI Seung-woo
Editor: CHOI Yong-won
Sound Designer: KI Seung-pil, LEE Jong-ho

2015 — Busan International Film Festival
2015 — Seoul International Film Festival
2016 — International Film Festival Rotterdam
2016 — Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente
2016 — Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
2016 — T-mobile New Horizons International Film Festival
2016 — Filmfest Hamburg

NETPAC Award 2015 — Busan International Film Festival
Actor & Actress of the Year Award (Sun Jang) 2015— Busan International Film Festival