House of Others / Skhvisi Sakhli

Director: Rusudan Glurjidze

Georgia – Spain – Russia – Croatia 2016, 103 min.
Language: Georgian, Russian with English subtitles

30 April   21:15   Kino 1   –   1 May   18:00   Kino 3

The ghosts that remain beyond the devastation of war and the efforts of revival. A cryptic and dreamy vision is shown in House of Others by the Georgian new talent Rusudan Glurjidze. The conflict of the 90’s in the Abkhazia region leaves many empty houses, once inhabited by the defeated side. Here is where the winners are setting, within some agreements held by shady authorities, yet soaked with the corruption and criminality of the war that just ended. In this part of nature; calm and pervaded by a strange fog, a family arrives to live in their new home. They appropriate objects, furniture, clothes and living spaces which breathe another existence. Their neighbours are three remarkable women: two sisters and a teenage daughter. Rusudan Glurjidze moves in her characters’ states of minds and presents us with defeated, fragile and lost souls that exist in a world that they seem to cross, yet never live.

Cast: Olga Dikhovichnaia, Zurab Magalashvili, Salome Demuria, Ia Sukhitashvili, Ekaterina Japhardze, Alexander Khundadze, Elena Gamsakhurdia, Malxaz Gorbenadze, Branko Djurich
Producers: Zurab Magalashvili, Katerina Gechmen-Waldek, Nadezjda Gorshkova, Gorka Gomez Andreu, Dario Domotrovich
Writer: David Chubinishvili, Rusudan Glurjidze
Cinematography: Gorka Gomez Andreu
Production design: Grigol Mikeladze
Editor: Gigi Palavandishvili, Levan Kukhashvili
Sound designer: Dario Domotrovich

2016 – Black Nights FF
2016 – Zagreb FF
2016 – Panorama of the European Film, Egypt
2016 – Scanorama IFF
2016 – Haifa IFF
2016 – San Sebastian IFF
2016 – Odessa IFF
2016 – Georgian Oscar contender for Best Foreign Language Film

Spotlight Award 2017 – American Society of Cinematographers Awards
Best First Feature 2016 – Satellite Awards
Best Film 2016 – Tbilisi IFF
FIPRESCI Award 2016 – Panorama of European Cinema, Athens
Best Film at East of West Competition 2016 – Karlovy Vary IFF
Best Film at Zinemira 2016 – San Sebastián IFF
Best Film 2016 – Bergen IFF
Grand Prix for Best Film 2016 – Eurasia IFF
Best Asian Film 2016 – NETPAC Award
Jury Prize 2016 – Antalya IFF