Underground Fragrance

Director: Pengfei

France / China 2015, 76 min.
Language: Mandarin with English subtitles

30 April   15:30   Kino 1   –   1 May   16:30   Kino 3

Three acts of intimacy that cross for brief moments, three wishes in the struggle for the realization of a dream, a great country poised between tradition and rupture. Yong Le and Xiao Yun are two young migrants arriving in Beijing and trying to find their way. Lao Jin has a house on worthless land and is now trying to sell it to a hesitant investor. Yong collects furniture from abandoned houses and then resells it. Xiao is a dancer in dingy clubs. Yong’s accident at work, which will deprive him of sight for a few days, will be the spark of the meeting with Lao and Xiao.

In the China portrayed by Pengfei(screenwriter of Stray Dogs by Tsai Ming-liang) there is no room for happiness. What the capital city offers to the two young migrants is a dehumanizing treatment: the “underground fragrance” of the title is nothing but the bitter smell absorbed by their skin forced to live in the basement of a tower block.

Cast: Ying Ze, Luo Wenjie, Zhao Fuyu, Li Xiaohui
Producers: House On Fire & Mishka Production
Writer: Isabelle MAYOR
Cinematography: Shu Chou
Editor: Isabelle MAYOR
Sound Designer: Tu Duu-chih, Tu Yi-ching

2015 — Venice Days
2015 — Chicago International Film Festival
2015 — Sao Paulo International Film Festival
2015 — Bratislava International Film Festival
2015 — Bangkok International Film Festival
2016 — Istanbul International Film Festival

Fedeora Award for Best Film 2015 — Venice Days