Visionär Unveiled: Our stunning program announced

Communication & Lies / So-tong-gwa Geo-jit-mal
LEE Seung-won
The Cormorants / I cormorani
Fabio Bobbio
A Decent Woman / Los Decentes
Lukas Valenta Rinner
Drum / Tabl
Keywan Karimi
Godless / Bezbog
Ralitza Petrova
House of Others / Skhvisi Sakhli
Rusudan Glurjidze
The Last Family / Ostatnia Rodzina
Jan P. Matuszyński
Out of Love
Paloma Aguilera Valdebenito
Underground Fragrance

Visionär is warming up on the starting grid. Get ready for a sensation! From the world’s most prestigious film festivals we have selected nine works by emerging directors from Argentina, Bulgaria, China, Georgia, Iran, Italy, Poland, South Korea and the Netherlands. A mixture of narrative and aesthetic originality will be in orbit from April 27th until May 1st 2017 at the historic cinema BABYLON.

Visionär is proud to present Godless by the talented Bulgarian director Ralitza Petrova, which won the . Her debut film about an icy and ruthless female character has been travelling all over the world and has been awarded with several prestigious prizes. By the talented Georgian director Rusudan Glurjidze is the first feature film House of Others, Best film of the East at Karlovy Vary. This is an evocative and semi autobiographical tale of war and its scars that reminds us of Tarkovsky’s cinema.

A dear movie to us is Drum by the Iranian Kurdish director Keywan Karimi, in jail now because of his previous documentary Writing on the City; an aesthetically and narratively daring debut. A very immersive Bildungsroman is I Cormorani by the Italian Fabio Bobbio, awarded with the Critic Prize SNCCI, while original biopic The Last Family by the Polish director Jan P. Matuszyński is about a special ensemble of artists. It stocked up on prizes at Gdynia Film Festival and was awarded Best Film at Molodist. A search for freedom and revolt against classism in Argentina is the hot theme in Los Decentes, the second feature by the Austrian Lukas Valenta Rinner.

Love is in question in Communication and Lies by Lee Seung-won, Out of Love by Paloma Aguilera Valdebenito and Underground Fragrance by Pengfei Song, respectively, from South Korea, The Netherlands and China. The South Korean movie explores the solitude of two suffering people who meet in a complicated relationship. Out of Love is the story of a passionate and indomitable love which brings joy and sorrow. There is no room for happiness in Underground Fragrance: the two young main characters migrate to the capital and receive a dehumanizing treatment: the title refers to the bitter smell absorbed by their skin where they are forced to live in the basement of a tower block.

Dense and diverse, the program of the first edition of Visionär awaits you with its daring stories. Support new voices, support Visionär!