Tom Schäfer

May 3, 2018 - 22:30 @ IL Kino.

Tom Schäfer, in his mid-thirties, is employed in a municipal library. He looks quite nice – a bit dreamy. The birthday of a colleague on this Friday afternoon is a reason for all the staff of the library to meet for a coffee in the staff kitchen. Tom Schäfer is marginalized by his colleagues, nobody seems to want to have something to do with him. Nevertheless, he repeats his suggestion to drink a beer together. Until a colleague says yes. Tom Schäfer patiently waits for him but in vain. When he understands that he has been forgotten, he makes his way home alone. At home, his dog is waiting.

Director Gerald Sommerauer
Country Germany
Genre Drama
Year 2017
Length 15 min
Language German with English subtitles

Cast & Crew

Cast: Matthi Faust, Sabrina Tannen, Esther Hilsemer, Lilli Meinhardt, Andreas Merker, Paul Schaeffer, Stefan Ostertag
Screenplay: Isabella Parise Oliveira Kröger
Producer: Clara Gerst, dffb – German Film & Television Academy Berlin
Director of Photography: Jasper Techel
Editor: Gerald Sommerauer
Production Designer: Melissa Akyildiz, Sophia Scherer