Poppy Field

Cristi a young gendarme from Bucharest keeps his homosexuality secret, since it is a stigma among military ranks. He is in a long-term relationship with Hadi, who lives in another city. The same day Hadi comes to visit him for a few days, Cristi is called in for an intervention at a movie theatre, where an ultra-nationalist, homophobic group has sabotaged the screening of a queer film. When one of the protesters recognises Cristi and threatens to disclose the secret about his sexuality, Cristi is faced with the danger of losing everything he has.

About the Director

Eugen Jebeleanu is a Romanian theatre and film director. For more than ten years, his projects, both in theatre and cinema, have been centred around political and social subjects and his artistic endeavour is focused on giving voice to anonymous individuals, to those who don’t adhere to the dominant culture and revolt against systems which censor freedom of expression.

He has worked with prestigious theatres around the world, like the National Theatre in Stuttgart, where he directed Katzelmacher, by R.W. Fassbinder and Roosevelt Square, by Dea Loher; or the Opera de Lyon, where he’s preparing a contemporary opera project, I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky, by John Adams.

His creations have been programmed in theatre festivals in Romania, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Republic of Moldova and France. For example, Ogres, by Yann Verburgh, showcased in Avignon, is a project that has been touring all around France and received an award granted by the Fédération d’Associations de Théâtre Populaire (FATP) or Itineraries. One Day the World Will Change, written by Yann Verburgh, which was part of the Romania-France season in 2019. This is his first feature film.