The Last Screenings of 2018

The last two Visionär monthly appointments are very precious and remarkable gems:

Sauvage by Camille Vidal-Naquet is a straightforward study of character: Félix Maritaud is a gay male prostitute longing for love and at the same time living ferally. He doesn’t sell only sex but also tenderness, while he boldly roams the streets, backwoods and nightclubs. It feels you are participating in his pain, his dangerous freedom and search for a companion. Camille Vidal-Naquet’s queer perspective has the touch of a violent document(ary) prone to follow his “sauvage” vagabond in his erratic freefall. A truly wild discover at Cannes Critics’ Week.

Last (of the year) but not least is Rafiki by Wanuri Kahiu: a fluorescent lesbian teen romance that might seem not so subversive for an international audience, comes to remind us that LGBT topics are not to be taken for granted everywhere. In Kenya, a country with no constitutional protections for LGBT and where sodomy carries a 14-year term sentence, this colorful and quite conventional depiction of secret first love is rather transgressive and aims to a change. After being banned in its home country, “the Kenyan High Court granted a temporary lift to allow the movie to have a seven-day Oscar-qualifying run in Kenyan cinemas”.

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