180° Rule

180° Rule is an original piece that adds to the gaze on Iran and women. First work by Farnoosh Samadi, presented at the Toronto Film Festival 2020, the film is the personal and family drama of Sara, a school teacher, an emancipated woman: she smokes, drives the car, manages her daughter with modern lightness, not very soft with her husband Hamed, who nevertheless inevitably suffers as a moral and social paradigm. Sara tries to override him, making a seemingly innocuous decision that will forever change her destiny and that of her family. Crushed by a sense of guilt incomprehensible to us Westerners, she builds an unlikely safety net that will backfire and from which she will not be able to escape. Inevitable, unique, unjust redemption, the ending. Sahar Dolatshahi wears a tragic heroine best. We breathe the dense and oppressive patriarchal blanket between the folds of darkness and light of living in Iran.

Maria Cera

The Director

Farnoosh Samadi is an Iranian director who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She has written three short films with Ali Asgari: Bishtar az do saat (More Than Two Hours, 2013), The Girl (2014) and The Pain (2015). They co-directed The Silence, which premiered at Cannes in 2016.

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