Moving On

Anatomy of family life

Ojku is a teenager who, with her family, is forced by her father’s economic troubles to move into the home of her estranged grandfather. The film is a tender drama about family ties and the crises of intergenerational communication.

From the point of view of the eldest daughter, Okju (brilliantly performed by Choi Jung-un), we see the events of this summer in Korea unfold: first love, first disappointment, the experience of death… The film shines in those moments when the everyday is revealed, especially in a final scene that will move many viewers. In the style of Yasujiro Ozu (Tokyo Story, 1953) and Hirokazu Koreeda (Still Walking, 2008), the filmmaker, Yoon Dan-bi, develops each member of the family with depth and love, and without judgment. With a deliberate but delicate style, Dan-bi achieves something very difficult: to portray life as it is. The result is an anatomy of family life and feeling that will linger at length in viewers’ hearts.

Daniel Sanchez Lopez

The Director

Yoon Dan-bi was born in 1990. Her short film, Fireworks, was screened at the 16th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival in 2015 and the 15th Korea Youth Film Festival in 2017. Moving On is her first feature film and it screened in Busan International Film Festival and won 4 awards including NETPAC Award.

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