Night Shot

Eight years after being raped on a beach near Santiago, a young filmmaker arms a kaleidoscope with dozens of video diaries, showing the wounds of the abuse, the re-victimizing legal proceedings and the friendship that accompanies it, in a voyage from which the question arises: What is a rape, really, and when does it end?

Vision Nocturna, the debut film of the Chilean director Carolina Moscoso and winner of the Gran Prix of the International Competition at FIDMarseille 2020, is an intimate, feminine and feminist metacinema work. In the form of a flow of consciousness and images, it delivers us the darkness and light of Carolina’s recollecting process. Her incessantly filmed microcosm is a protection from the shock she lived and lives again. Art, in this case more than ever, has the power to recall and cure, to give another form to a pain that from private becomes social, political. Vision Nocturna shows us all the potential and power of the metacinema.

Maria Cera

The Director

Carolina Moscoso (Santiago de Chile, 1986) studied at the University of Chile and has a Masters in Documentaries on creation from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. She has worked as a director and editor on animation, video clips, theater and audiovisual projects. Her next film is in preparation: I will never be a police officer. She is editing Históricas, directed by Javiera Court and Grace Lazcano.

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