Open Door

Open Door is a small and powerful road movie set in Albania, starring two sisters, in a deeply patriarchal society. Rudina, together with little Orion, awaits the young Elma who is arriving from Italy. They have to get together and join their old father to commemorate the anniversary of their mother’s death. Rudina is shocked and angry to see Elma pregnant, alone. A huge problem in that world, with a father like theirs. The younger sister proposes the trick of finding a friend who can pretend to be her husband for the visit that awaits her. Open Door increases our awareness of what it tells us through the journey it takes us on, in the insights into Rudina’s life, into Elma’s unconscious lightness, into the family lunch full of fiction and legacies, where the woman is inevitably condemned to being on the margins, a never questioned sacrifice.

Maria Cera

The Director

Albanian director Florenc Papas born 1991, studied directing at the Marubi Film Academy in Tirana. Open Door, presented in competition at the 25th edition of the Sarajevo International Festival in 2019, is his first feature film. The film is nominated to represent Albania as best foreign film at the 2021 Oscar.

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