Berlin Short Encounters: Space

11 November 2021 @ACUDkino Kino 1, 17:00

Am I on Mars?

By Matteo Niccolai | Germany | 2021 | 12'

It's way too easy to forget who we are. We live hoping that one day we'll wake up and remember everything, once again. Am I on Mars? is about finding out it's time to leave, to break free, to live your life to the fullest. That it's time to embrace your true self you have been hiding or forgotten. There is a naked devil in you that needs to be heard, it will shout and cry until it is. And at that point, it will be your armour.


Born in Genoa, Italy, Matteo Niccolai has started creating short experimental videos at a very young age, then shifted his interest on music for a long time in which he first studied opera singing, and then later studied composition and experimented with electronic music. In Berlin he has been composing and producing music for contemporary dance and film since 2013 under the name of Matresanch. Through the years he has edited and co-directed short movies and music videos and recently made his debut as director with the project Am I On Mars? presented this year at the Visionär Film Festival.

La Passeggiata

By Lisa Hoffmann & Moritz Hossli | Germany | 2021 | 6'

A young woman loses herself thoughtfully in the architectural backdrop of Marzahn in Berlin. Matching scenes and sounds from La Notte (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1964), the film examines the cinematic quality of Marzahn's formerly utopian urbanity. The protagonist's melancholy is reflected in empty spaces and planned urban infrastructure.


Moritz Hossli Born in 1990, grew up in Obwalden (Switzerland). Studied Art & Mediation at the Lucerne School of Art and Design. In 2014 he moved to Berlin for four years to study Art & Media at the Berlin University of the Arts. In addition to his studies, Moritz Hossli has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. 2016 he founded the Tapir Filmatelier together with Pablo Callisaya and has since been working as a freelance artist and filmmaker in Lucerne. His films and video works include Sunshine Acid (2020), Periglazial (2019), Stereo Kinematica (2018) and Kilo Tango Eins Drei Eins Drei (2017).

Lisa Hoffmann is a visual artist, filmmaker and researcher. She has obtained a Master degree in product design at the Bauhaus University Weimar and a MFA in Art and Media at the Berlin University of the Arts. Her work investigates transitional states, daily life fictions & fragmented realities with a focus on ecological anxieties and the deconstruction of dominant narratives. She participates regularly in various collaborations and exhibitions across Europe. Besides various video artworks and music videos she directed two short films, La Passeggiata and It must be clear to us that we are behaving in a new way. Her first feature film, CYANe, is currently in post-production.

Echo (Yankı)

By Hazal Kara & Sezin Ertek | Turkey, Germany | 2020 | 19'

Scared and courageous, at home but not feeling safe at the same time...A woman, a journalist, having served prison time because of her book, wins her freedom back and comes back to life she left behind. A chaotic Istanbul combined with the traumas of dark days past, she spends a day full of fear and paranoia. Is it possible to get used to live in constant fear?


Hazal Kara is an artist and flmmaker who is born in 1989 in İstanbul, Turkey. After she graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Film & Television program in 2013, she moved to Berlin, Germany. In February 2019, she graduated from Berlin University of the Arts Art and Media Program.

Sezin Ertek was born in Antalya in 1990. She graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Film & Television program in 2013 and Master of Arts in Film and Television in 2015. After her academic education she continued her career as a scriptwriter for 3 years in diferent TV projects with Prof. Dr. Feride Çiçekoğlu. Since January 2019, she studies in Art & Media Mestershüler program at Berlin University of Arts.

Good German Work

By Jannis Alexander Kiefer | Germany | 2020 | 14'

The two craKspeople Uli and Didi are working on a swasDka in their workshop somewhere between rural idyll and village dreariness, wondering about the strange newcomers in the village.


Jannis Alexander Kiefer studied "Audio-Visual Media" in Berlin and completed several Interships in Munich, Freiburg and Berlin. In 2016 he started studying "Directing" at Film University Babelsberg. His first-Year film Comments was selected to more than 80 festivals worldwide and won several awards, for example the Short Tiger Award by German Films. In 2019 his film Kaiser/Emperor premiered at the 53rd international Hof Film Festival, won the "BILD - KUNST" Jury Prize and get broadcasted at the German Television Channel "3sat". His Graduation Film Kollegen // Good German Work premiered at 36th Warsaw Film Festival and won the Grand Prix at 43rd Moscow Film Festival.

Land of Glory (Pannónia Dicsérete)

By Borbála Nagy | Germany | 2020 | 27'

In the midst of chaos caused by the visit of the Prime Minister to an ordinary school in Hungary, one of the schoolgirls, Márti, faces a moral dilemma.


Borbála was born and raised in a dancer family in Hungary. After having studied Movie Sciences and working as a journalist in Budapest, in 2011 she left her home country for personal and political reasons. She started her studies in directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB) in 2012. Her shorts were shown at international festivals worldwide. Her film Minden rendben / Everything alright was nominated for the German Short Film Award as well as for the German Film Critics Prize. Borbála latest short film Land of Glory won the German Short Film Award. At the moment she is developing her first feature Nothing To See Here.


By Jonas Brinker | Germany | 2020 | 6'

The wilderness of the stray dogs is filled with specters of domestication and the absent presence of man. On the backdrop of bare constructions, forsaken beforen any door could be set in frame, the dogs become a pack, wandering around the ndesert landscape. A halted development, slowly decaying in the unforgiving climate. The fantasy of imposing one‘s will on wandering sands, slowly grinding down in a constant motion of reciprocal movements. An imagined dystopia.

Text by Ben Livne Weitzman


Jonas Brinker, born 1989 in Bochum, Germany, obtained his Bachelor degree from Slade School of Fine Arts in London in 2015 and continued his studies at Städelschule Frankfurt in the class of Douglas Gordon and Willem de Rooij where he graduated as a Meisterschüler in 2018. While studying in Frankfurt he went on exchange to Bezalel Academy of Arts in Tel Aviv. Working in time-based media Brinker is concerned with the interdependence between the natural and the staged. In his subtle observations, he captures and reframes tension-filled environments in which relationships between humans and animals represent a recurring motif. Brinker carefully observes how instinctive and domesticated behavior intertwine and trigger inner conflicts. His work has recently been shown at ICC Berlin; Berghain, Berlin; Frankfurter Kunstverein; Städelmuseum, Frankfurt and Goethe-Institut Israel.