Desire – A Short Film Selection

September 1, 2021 @Feldkino 20:00

Daucus Carota

by Carla Linares | Spain | 2020, 14’

It’s summer when Irene realizes for the first time that there is much more beyond the silent and absurd routine she and her sisters keep doing over and over. Irene, following nature’s signs, starts a journey of reconnection with her body which ends up with her finding her own voice.

Studied psychology at University of Barcelona. As an actress, she starred in the films Las Amigas de l’Àgata, Júlia Ist and The Night She Moves. She’s part of the collective “Pussy Picnic” and VVAA, with whom she made Like si lloras (Sala Beckett; Volksbühne Berlin and La Pedrera) where aside from acting she participated in the elaboration of the texts and assisted the director. Currently, she has finished shooting as an actress in the series Drama and she’s writing the script of a feature film.

Marleni, Not Marlen

by Carmen Aumedes Mier | Spain | 2020, 15’

Marleni is a young Honduran woman living in Barcelona who works as a resident at Mr. Ramón’s home, an old man who suffers from dementia. Her life changes when she receives a message from an unknown number asking for a girl named Julia. She decides to masquerade and creates a fake identity that will push her to the limits. This is how she finds, in an anonymous life, a way to scape.

Carmen was born in Barcelona in August 1996. She studied Cinematography Direction at ESCAC, always complemented by music and writing studies. She graduates with Marleni, not Marlen short film and travels to Shanghai (China) in the same year to shoot a short documentary named I’m too busy.

From My Desert

by Veneta Androva | Germany | 2019, 14’

Temperature: 21 °C. Humidity: 55 %. Optimum conditions for Martin to stay fresh and presentable. Rosy skin, bedroom eyes, a naughty little cap, that’s how he meets the young art investor in the depot of an anonymous airport. His master, Lucas Cranach the Elder, created him almost five hundred years ago. Now he hangs opposite a paralysed suit rendered ecstatic by his presence. They are talking about the art market. And yet about so much more.

(Carolin Weidner; DOK Leipzig 2019)

Veneta Androva (born in Sofia) is a visual artist who obtained a degree in History of Art and Philosophy from Humboldt University Berlin and also graduated in Fine Arts from Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin. In her work, she is combining diverse media and sources such as archival, documentary or computer-generated material and paintings, all related through animation in simulated environments. She took part in numerous shows in Germany and Bulgaria, as well as Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Czech Republic and in Israel, where she did part of her study at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 2016-2017.

The Divine Way (La Via Divina)

by Ilaria Di Carlo | Germany | 2018, 15’

Loosely based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, The Divine Way takes viewers along on the protagonist’s epic descent through an endless labyrinth of staircases. As the woman journeys deeper, the staircases mutate and she is trapped and pulled into their dangerous landscape, conducting us through more than fifty magnificent locations.

Ilaria Di Carlo is a visual artist working in the fields of experimental film, video art and performance. She graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Rome and from Central Saint Martin’s in London. She subsequently studied Film at the SAE Institute of Berlin. She lives and works in Berlin.

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