General Dream | (G)reve Generale

February 27, 2018 - 8 pm @ IL Kino. Before Island City.

Four confused immigration candidates explore a largely empty building. They speak four languages. Why does the telephone not work? Why is the money erased? Where are they going? This political architecture dramedy raises issues of religion, migration, and resistance. It is the first film of author and co-director Linda Hecquet and was produced at KinoEaters Reset in Lublin within 3 days.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Linda Hecquet, Mustafa Yol, Kaja Grzybowska, Enrico Basile
Screenplay: Linda Hecquet
Cinematographers: Marco Griffini, Dave Lojek
Editor, Distributor, Sound mixer: Dave Lojek
Boom operator: Tom Kino
Composer: Mirko Rizzello
Producers: Dave Lojek, Linda Hecquet

Director Dave Lojek & Linda Hecquet
Country Poland, France, Germany
Year 2016
Length 7 min
Language French, Turkish, Polish, Italian with English subtitles