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María Josés life moves back and forth between the monotony of classes at the university, her eternally distant parents, rugby training and dares with her gay friend. Emotionally disconnected from her environment, when she meets Javier, she tries to start a relationship with him. But all her efforts to live a “normal” life cannot succeed. She is carrying a secret that everybody avoids to notice: she is a few months into her pregnancy. A film about the body, about the decisions and freedoms that a woman can take with it (and also the problems and conflicts that entails), MEDEA is a powerful story and a disturbing film with a character as complex and contradictory as difficult to forget.

Cast & Crew

Producer: Paz Fábrega, Alexandra Latishev and Cynthia García Calvo
Production Company: La Linterna Films, Temporal Film, Grita Medios, CyanProds.
Cast: Liliana Biamonte, Javier Montenegro, Eric Calderón, MarianellaProtti, Arnoldo Ramos
Screenplay: Alexandra Latishev
Cinematography: Alvaro Torres, Oscar Medina
Editor: Soledad Salfate
Sound Design:Christian Crosgrove, Ayerin Villanueva

Director Alexandra Latishev Salazar
Country Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina
Year 2017
Length 72 min
Language Spanish with English subtitles