The Park | Le Parc

May 3, 2018 - 18:30 @ IL Kino | May 6, 20:00 @ ACUDKino

Summer time. A teenage boy and girl have their first date in a park. Hesitant and shy at first, they soon discover each other, get closer as they wander, and end up falling in love. But as the sun goes down, it is time to part. He leaves, although she would like him to stay. Then, a dark night begins. Manivel’s film has the charm of traditional cinema while shining colourful lights, produced nowadays by digital technology. He gives life to a story that mixes Rohmerian atmospheres, dreams of illusion and awakening to reality. In this both naturalistic and unconscious vision, the park is the main character, a protective but potentially dangerous place. The dream purifies and gives meaning to the discovery of love and the small pains it feeds on. Presented at Cannes Acid 2016, The Park was awarded at the JeonJu International Film Festival 2017 as Best Feature Film.

Cast & Crew

Producer: Damien Manivel, Thomas Ordonneau (Associate Producer)
Production Company: MLD Films, Shellac Sud (Associate Production)
Cast: Naomie Vogt-Roby, Maxime Bachellerie, Sessouma Sobere
Screenplay: Damien Manivel, Isabel Pagliai
Cinematography: Isabel Pagliai 
Editor: William Laboury
Sound Design: Simon Apostolou, Arnaud Marten, Jérôme Petit

Director Damien Manivel
Country France
Year 2016
Length 71 min
Language French with English subtitles