Fire Lily

Maria Avdjushko’s debut feature Fire Lily is a mystical and thrilling drama about a woman’s inner strength and how her strong wish can shape life.  Pia is an ophthalmologist who is trying to find her way after a childless marriage has ended. She now yearns for a relationship and a child, and when she seemingly finds the perfect man, strange things start to happen around her. Surprisingly, her deepest wish to become a mother comes true, but not exactly in the way she expected it.

About the Director

Maria is an Estonian actress, producer and filmmaker. Maria graduated from the Tallinn Academy of Music and Theater in the field of acting and started working as an actress at the Youth Theater immediately after school. From 1992 to 2014 she was employed as the actress of the Estonian Drama Theater. During her prolific career, she has played over 50 roles in theater and over 20 film and television roles. To date, she has written and directed two experimental short films and a life-story documentary. Fire Lily is her feature film debut.