The Innocence

Lis is a young girl who lives her life in full freedom. She is nourished by the discovery of her own eroticism, as well as by the energy of the acrobatics inspired by circus art. Her dreams take her away from the world she lives in, the town of Traiguera, which is a place that contrasts and fights her ‘inocencia’. Lucía Alemany’s first film is shot in the same town in the Valencian region where the director lives, where her neighbors become extras of the story. In this astonishing Spanish social insight, patriarchy crushes the youthful halo of self-expression, especially of women. Change and diversity are not tolerated in this small town that lives promiscuously in the hypocrisy of a sacredness of traditions. Yet La Inocencia is a delicate and fierce at the same time mockery of the patriarchal environment. It’s a sentimental education of a young woman who does not give in to the inevitable.

The Director

Lucía Alemany was born in 1985 in Traiguera, a small Valencian village, where she lived until she was 18, when she moved to Vic to start her degree in Audiovisual Communication. In 2009 she began her studies at ESCAC (Film and Audiovisual School of Catalonia), specializing in directing. During her years of study, Lucia will focus her attention on how to direct actors in their most realistic register, relying on improvisation as the main engine of all her practices. From this relentless pursuit of the most extreme realism, the short film 14 anys i un dia was born. (Premiere at Seminci 2015). A year later, in 2016, Lucía starts writing, together with Laia Soler Aragonés, the script of La Inocencia, which she shoots in 2018, in her hometown.

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