Visionär presents Il Bene Mio by Pippo Mezzapesa at the festival La Puglia in tutti i sensi

Visionär is glad to be part of the festival La Puglia in tutti i sensi, organized from the 8th to the 10th of November by Apulier in Berlin e.V., with the support of the regional Agency of Tourism Pugliapromozione: three days of cinema, music, architecture talks, wine tasting and the traditional Orecchiette-pasta from Puglia. This will be an opportunity to rediscover the charm of Puglia, mother of many talents, cradle of tradition, art and culture. A culture of hospitality, of a simple life. A land rich in products, emotions and imagination.

On the 10th of November at ACUDkino, we present the film Il Bene mio by Pippo Mezzapesa. The director will be present for a Q&A and the screening is preceded by the concert of the duo Trommel und Wind, whose music will take us into the heart of the Mediterranean regions. The matinee will be accompanied by an Apulian aperitive, a taste of our hospitality.

ABOUT THE FILM: Il Bene Mio is set in Provvidenza, an imaginary ghost village smashed by the earthquake and inhabited by only one person. The protagonist is played by a stubborn and passionate Sergio Rubini. The places of the rural and sunburnt south are covered with rubble. These are deserted places, marked by the mourning of the many people that the earthquake took away.

Mezzapesa deals with the subject of death, literally – the death of people and neglected places, and metaphorically – death as a refusal of memory, yet always manages to smile and make us smile.  The outstanding performance of Sergio Rubini helps to make it happen. Il bene mio delves into the essence of places, in search of all we have to preserve: our identity values.

ABOUT THE CONCERT: The virtuoso duo Trommel und Wind, with its rhythms and melodies, will not only introduce us to the visual landscape of Mezzapesa, but will also take us on a journey through Europe and the East. The development of the diverse possibilities of flutes and percussion instruments creates a colorful musical mosaic of different sounds: from the Middle Ages to the present, from north to the south. Arabic, Turkish, Italian, Greek and German music from different eras coexist in the same image, creating a magical, timeless atmosphere.

The event is FREE, tickets must be reserved here.


10/11/19    Apuliescher Cineaperitivo mit Musik
Where: ACUDKino, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlino

  • 12:30: Aperitif with typical delicacies from Puglia
  • 13:15: Instrumental concert of the duo Trommel und Wind (ca.1 hour)
  • 14:15: Screening of Il Bene Mio by the Apulian director Pippo Mezzapesa (94′) + Q&A with the director


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