Plants | Las Plantas

October 31, 2018 - 20:00 @ ACUDkino

For the first time Florencia (17) will have to take care of her older brother, who is in a vegetative state, by her own. Trying to survive with limited means and no one assisting them, she’ll become obsessed with a comic called “Las Plantas”, which tells the story of the invasion of plant souls during full moon. This is also the time that Florencia starts to explore her sexuality, meeting strangers through the Internet.

About the Director

Roberto Doveris is a Chilean filmmaker and producer. For five years, he was editor in chief at “CinemaChile”, the international agency to promote Chilean cinema in the world. He is currently obtaining his masters degree in Art Theory at the Universidad de Chile and runs his own company “Niño Niña Films”, where he has directed more than 30 music videos and several short-films selected at international film festivals. He also produces feature films and documentaries, highlighting Las Plantas (Plants), his first feature film as a director. The film, internationally premiered in Generation 14+ at the BERLINALE 2016, was awarded with the Grand Jury Prix for Best Feature Film and with a Special Mention from the Young Jury. At present, besides developing his second feature film Bloody Night, he is producing: the feature film El Príncipe (Prince) by Sebastián Muñoz, La hija (The Daughter) by Isabel Orellana and Los nombres propios (Proper Names) by Fernando Domínguez, a co-production between Argentina and Chile.

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