Mitarbeiter des Monats

May 6, 2018 - 21:00 @ ACUDkino.

Two actors in four roles play and reflect upon the underlying focus of the film, namely: routine. In the process of modernity, people are involved less as individuals in conflicts, and more as representatives of a system. Using improvisation, this mockumentary develops its narrative through role-switching, interviews and an abstracted world in order to humorously point out how nurtured principles and predisposed hierarchies present themselves as self-discipline within individuals.

Cast & Crew

Cast:Anjorka Strechel, Are Krause
Screenplay: Improvisation based on ideas of the actor and Caroline Schwarz
Producer: Caroline Schwarz
Director of Photography: Sergi Sanchez Rodriguez
Editor: Caroline Schwarz
Sound Design: Kai Müller

Director Caroline Schwarz
Country Germany
Genre Mockumentary | Comedy
Year 2017
Length 12 min
Language German with English subtitles