Swimming In Gold

May 4, 2018 - 19:00 @ ACUDkino.

Qassem and Abdullah were children when their family fled Afghanistan in the 1980s, to arrive in Iran as refugees. Now after 30 years and with families of their own, Qassem is risking it all for a brighter future and waits in a refugee camp in Berlin, Germany. Abdullah remains behind in Iran to struggle on, choosing his family’s safety over the uncertainty of going to Europe. Both Qassem and Abdullah put family first, as they balance their desire for safety with the hope of giving their children the opportunities they never had.

Director Thomas Pagliaro
Country Germany, Iran
Genre Documentary
Year 2018
Length 13 min
Language German & Iranian with English subtitles

Cast & Crew

Cast: Abdullah Haidari, Qassem Haidari, Chaman Haidari
Screenplay: Thomas Pagliaro
Producer: Thomas Pagliaro & Morgan Wright, REPEATER PRODUCTIONS
Director of Photography: Behnam Tajmir Riahi
Editor: Morgan Wright
Sound Design: Liam Roche