The Winners of VFF 2020

Jury Award for Best Film: Enigma by Ignacio Juricic Merillán.

A 50-something neighborhood hairdresser is asked to appear on an episode of TV show about unsolved mysteries dedicated to the violent death of her lesbian daughter in the streets of Santiago a decade earlier. As she decides whether or not to be a part of the show, she confronts her family and their versions of the events that occurred, learning more about the person her daughter was.

The Jury statement:
With vibrant and capitvating compositions full of female family members chit chatting and casually styling each other’s hair, Ignacio Juricic Merillán uses hairdressing as the stage to unfold a family drama from the past. Idle talk subtly and effortlessly flows into deep and painful memories. Telenovela references serve as a mirror of as well as an attraction to a society that is still struggling to accept homosexuality. We wish that this warm, light-hearted yet deep approach will reach a big audience and that the Visionär film festival award of best feature will help Enigma on this way. 

Audience Award for Best Film: Indianara by Aude Chevalier-Beaumel & Marcelo Barbosa.

Audience Award for Best Short Berlin Encounter: Post Mortem berlin by Anton von Heiseler.