A tireless and indomitable militant transgender in Bolsonaro's Brazil

Indianara is a tireless fighter. A transgender militant whose life is dedicated to fighting oppression. Aude Chevalier-Beaumel and Marcelo Barbosa immerse us in a docu-film that is everyday life in the transgender community of Brazil, which imposes itself with indignation, fraternal love and determination. Every day is constructed as a struggle against oppression or contempt. An ongoing commitment that becomes, to all intents and purposes, political. Between vitality and a frightening reality to face, we remain touched first of all by Indianara, solid as a rock, sweet and sensitive. And by all the characters we meet: their diversity embodies pain, identity, pride in being different and joy in communicating it. Indianara focuses her latest battle against attacks on her movement, becoming a guide for all those who fight for freedom and self-determination.

Maria Cera

About the Directors

Aude Chevalier-Beaumel is born in France in 1982 and graduated from the School of Fine Arts. She’s been living in Brazil for 15 years where she makes films. Her documentaries, Rio Ano Zero (2013) and Sex, Sermons and Politics (2016) traveled in international festivals.

Marcelo Barbosa is born in 1970 in Guaratinguetá, Brazil and studied communication at the University of Brasília. He is a photographer and a director. Indianara is his first feature.

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