Bad Bad Winter

Berlin: April 4, 2019 @ ACUDkino 19h
Mainz: June 7, 2019 @ Ciné Mayence 20:30h

A daughter of an Astana businessman, Dinara, comes to the city of her childhood to sell her grandmother’s house. Suddenly, former classmates come to visit her, and a friendly meeting grows into something else when they tell her that recently they committed a murder and now they need money to ‘get clean.’ Dinara’s refusal provokes classmates to act more harshly and tougher and very soon they arrive from being former classmates to being just a group of people from different social strata. Between them, there is a conflict based on differences of view, worldviews and way of life. Each side has its truth, but the whole situation, in the end, leads to another crime – crueler than that from which it all began.

In an isolated and forgotten world, Dinara is a dark heroine who witnesses endless injustice and abuse. The microcosm that the director Olga Korotko shows us marks the transition to adult life of these young former classmates. The implacable camera crosses the silence, the gestures, the looks of the modern Dostoevskian characters wearing the weight and legacy of the Soviet utopia: we witness the slow, irreversible and insidious corruption of friendship, justice and morality within the new class system. Dinara, in her unconscious privilege, will try in vain to resist the loss of innocence. Bad Bad Winter focuses perfectly on the reversal of roles. The victims are transformed into executioners, themselves deprived of the last moral burdens: the wolves are just asleep.

Maria Cera

About the Director

Olga Korotko started to study filmmaking with Darezhan Omirbayevís filmmaking course where she shot her first few shorts. In 2011 she was selected for the Asian Film Academy project (Busan International Film Festival) where she shot a short film The Last 5 Minutes with other students. Right after AFA, she shot a short film Dove on the Roof produced by Kazakhfilm film studio. In 2014 -2015 she was studying filmmaking in New York Film Academy. In 2016 she was selected for Berlinale Talents Campus, the same year she got a Master Degree in Filmmaking in the Academy of Arts named after Zhurgenov in Kazakhstan. In 2018 she finished her first feature film Bad Bad Winter.

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