Potential Victim

April 5, 2019 @ ACUDkino 21h

Sofia is a vampire who has been captured by a chat program called ALMA to carry out a mission. She is ordered to use her career as a pop singer to attract teenagers, who are absorbed into the virtual world when they die. Exhausted by a long existence, Sofía has no strength left to hunt. But when a fan commits suicide in tribute to her, she is moved to start a special hunt.

In Nicolas Guzman’s directing debut, the pop singer Sofía Oportot is at the center of this film experiment. Potential Victim contains the virtual and alienating present in the fitting metaphor of a vampire who gobbles up its victims, who recognize the virtual world as the only one able to give comfort to insecurities, fear of loneliness, desire for love. Sofía is an incestuous mother who loves her very young creatures ready to die for her. The director sets up a gloomy, gothic, sensual and romantic vision of a youth to be sacrificed to a world incapable of grasping and enhancing its fragility, energy and beauty.

Maria Cera

About the Director

Nicolás Guzmán is Filmmaker and Master in Visual Arts from University of Chile. His debut film, If You Listen Carefully, premiered in 2016 at theaters throughout Chile and his second film Potential Victim was premiered in 2018 at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in the Rebels With a Cause programme. He is co-founder of the production company AGOSTO Cine, where he is developing his next feature films: The Undeniable (in development) and the documentary Daily Life (in development).

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