24 September 2020 at 15:00
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Everything alright (Minden rendben)

by Borbála Nagy| Germany | 2018, 12’

Alpar has his first day of work at the border between Hungary and Serbia. Stationed there to save his country from refugees, he is confronted with the reality of being a border guard and is forced to adapt to the merciless customs.

Borbála was born in Hungary, where she spent her childhood and youth. She made her first shorts during her studies of Movie Sciences in Budapest. Later on she worked as a journalist. Additionally she participated in various script development and directing workshops in Hungary, Romania and France. In 2011 she moved to Germany and worked as a film festival organizer. Since 2012 she studies at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin.

How Do You Say (Come si dice)

by Jasmin Preiß | Germany | 2020, 15’

A day at the sea. The heat, floating, half awake, half absent. How do you say: I love you? Following the voices of two Sicilian girls under the rising moon of Palermo the camera discovers a world in all its facets.

Jasmin Preiß is a Berlin based filmmaker and video artist. She studied Fine Arts at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf.


by Thomas Georgi | Malta, Germany | 2018, 12’

As EU regulations are slowly being implemented on the Island of Malta, one farmer has discovered that by not registering his sheep, the sheep are now illegal. He is now fighting in the courts to save the family herd. While the court‘s decision is pending, every morning, a man puts on his police uniform and drives out to the farm – to sit in the Maltese sun and guard illegal sheep.

Thomas Georgi is a german/greek actor and director. After completing a four-year acting program and first engagements (among others at Schauspiel K.ln) in cologne, Thomas co-founded the Berlin theatre ensemble “Potfolio.inc” in Berlin, for developing and premiering original material at various cities around Germany and the group was nominated for the Friedrich-Luft-award, among others. Besides performing various parts in film and on TV, he also worked as author and presenter s-coach for the german re-make of a succesful Dutch TVformat. This introduced him to the creative- productional work in film. SHEEP is Thomas Georgi’s directing debut in film.

Learn To Swim (Freischwimmer)

by Gaya von Schwarze | Germany | 2019, 17’

A mother sets off through the German province to look for her son while making unexpected discoveries along the way. On an ordinary Sunday morning, Karin breaks out of her conventions and impulsively leaves home on her daughter’s racing bicycle. She wants to look for her son, who left the sheltered family home a while ago. Karins’ way leads her to a farm where her son has settled down with other societal dropouts. Unconscious of her behavior, she falls back into old schemes of mothering, reminding her adult son of why he left his old, conventional life. Their current mother-son relationship seems stagnant and they are challenged to meet each other in new ways.

Gaya von Schwarze was born in Jerusalem in 1994 and grew up in Tel Aviv. At the age of 13, she already began to study filmmaking at the “Tel Aviv School of Arts”. In 2013 von Schwarze graduated with Film as her main subject at “Thelma Yellin Arts High School”. Von Schwarze refused to serve in the Israeli Army because of moral reasons, instead she did her social service at a school for special education of youth at risk in Tel-Aviv. Since 2016 she has been studying Film Directing at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin, where she has been living since.