The Monthly Screenings 2019

The third season of Visionär Monthly Screenings will kick off on August 28, so come and celebrate the new generation of filmmakers with us!

On every last Wednesday of the month from next August until January 2020, we screen a movie at ACUDkino made by a promising new film director. We present to the audience emerging auteurs we believe in: our aim is to discover and support new voices of cinema with daring stories and aesthetics, as well as to challenge our audience with unconventional visions and storytelling.

The first films confirmed for this monthly program have a special focus on queerness matters and female gazes. Since women are still underrepresented in the film industry, we want to guarantee an equal space to them, with the hope that very soon they will be fully – and deservingly – integrated in each festival’s selection and it won’t be necessary anymore to insist on this topic. This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots: gender-bender identity reflections are very dear to us and yet a hot topic nowadays, and unfortunately not accepted all over the world. We believe in the power of the media ‘cinema’ and its ability to raise awareness through a universal language: moving images.

Messer im Herz (Heart+Knife) by Yann Gonzalez, presented in Competition at the Cannes Film Festival last year, will open the monthly program. Messer im Herz is a noir/slasher thriller in the world of Parisian homosexual pornography in the 1970s. A producer of gay films (the magnetic and masculine Vanessa Paradis) is put to the test: her love affair with Loïs (Kate Moran) – a relationship born in the editing room – is in danger and a serial killer is systematically killing her actors. The talented Yann Gonzalez plunges us into the strong, dark and attractive colors of transgression and obsessions. There’s also a cameo by Bertrand Mandico that symbolically embraces this world and the visual act that accompanies it.

On the 25th of September, those who missed it at our last edition of Visionär Film Festival will be able to catch up on Cassandro, The Exotico! by Marie Losier, winner of the Jury Award. In the gaudy and flamboyant world of Lucha Libre, Cassandro is its most eccentric star. He is the king of the Exóticos, the gender-bending cross-dressing wrestlers who fight prejudice as much as their opponents in this macho-dominated sport. Marie Losier offers the viewer a vision to the character full of admiration, empathy and indubitable tenderness.

On the 30th of October we present The Wild Boys (Les garçons sauvages) by Bertrand Mandico: five adolescents of good family commit a savage crime. A ship captain takes them on a repressive cruise that lands on a mysterious island where everything changes. A cinema of eros and of the exotic, of the monstrous and the marvelous.

Directly from the Berlinale – Panorama Dokumente, on the 27th of November we will present Searching Eva by Pia Hellenthal. Eva Collé is a performer, model, web personality, sex worker and the protagonist of Searching Eva – the visual diary of Pia Hellenthal. A living art project, of sorts, Eva reflects on who she really is. Her narration about Berlin and the places she attends presents an unconventional energy that seems to tell the truth about her. The conversations we are witnessing show an interesting approach to contemporary identity.

Stay tuned to find out more about our two last appointments, on the 11th of December and 29th January!


Tickets cost 7,50€ – Soon online available on ACUDkino.
Always at 9 PM, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin. U8 Rosenthaler Pl.  The cinema is barrier-free.