Berlin: Short Films Block Berlin Berlin | April 7, 2019 @ ACUDkino 20h

Mainz: June 5, 2019 @ Kunsthalle Mainz 19h

An Afro-German young adult is taking you on their journey to find home in the country they grew up in. What is home when you look different? What is home when you are made different ? Home? is a film full of questions but full of humor, a stream of consciousness and a declaration of love of a strikingly relatable young mind.

About the Director

Elliot Blue is an independent filmmaker based in Berlin. Their short films (for example The Shore and Black is me) have gained international attention and been in several festivals around Europe. Elliot’s philosophy centers around giving marginalized individuals an adequate media representation, so that we can all, in a way, get closer to social justice.

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