Berlin: Short Films Block Roots & Memories | April 6, 2019 @ ACUDkino 20h

Mainz: June 5, 2019 @ Kunsthalle Mainz 19h

Ahmet, a young widowed father and his 9-years old daughter, Rozerîn, left Turkey and started a new life in Germany. Ahmet gives his best to provide Rozerîn a serene childhood. Yet, their life is marked by the absence of Rozerîn’s mother. On the anniversary of her death, Ahmet and Rozerîn commemorate her by performing her favorite tradition in their own special and caring way.

About the Director

Angelica Germanà Bozza, born in Italy in 1988, currently lives in Berlin. Acting as screenwriter, director, cinematographer, editor and co-producer, she shot Salveger, her first short film. Her long-term stay in Turkey, her interest for Kurdish language and culture, and her studies and research in the fields of philosophy, ethics, politics, journalism, linguistics and religion, all inspired this project.

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