The Most Peculiar and Human of All Expressions

Berlin: Short Films Block Identity & Crisis | April 5, 2019 @ ACUDkino 20h

Mainz: June 5, 2019 @ Kunsthalle Mainz 19h

Rosa develops a social anxiety due to her uncontrollable blushing, which distorts her perception. More and more situations, places and persons become red flags which limits her personal freedom and therefore turns her daily life into an agony of avoidance.

About the Director

Scarlett Nimz is a German Animator and Illustrator. After finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication, she decided to entirely focus on animation in her Master’s degree, which she advanced with an exchange semester at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. Starting her animator career in using a flat 2D cutout style, she now devotes herself to hand-drawn projects, combining analog and digital techniques. Next to completing a character design masterclass at pictoplasma academy and her own hand-drawn animated short for her Master Thesis, she also works for environmental ad agencies and private clients.

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